Solar Sunflower

Barry Hill and the Southern Cross University School of Arts and Social Sciences Contemporary Music Program have developed Australia’s largest solar-powered audio-visual production system, nicknamed ‘the Sunflower’.

The Sunflower has been designed by SCU visual arts and audio technicians and students to look like a giant flower, made up of a state of the art energy generation storage and management system that can be tilted and positioned for optimum orientation to the sun.

The aim of the Sunflower project is to develop a ‘think green’ ethos within the Australian music industry and to promote best practice in solar and alternative power generation and efficient audio-visual technology. Underpinning the Sunflower is a research interest focused on the role for creative application of renewable technologies as a mechanism for building knowledge and awareness of sustainability issues.

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Technical specifications

  • The Sunflower has been designed specifically for music festivals and similar public event applications.
  • The Solar panel array has the capacity to charge a battery pack that can provide pure sine wave distortion free 230V power to all audio amplification and lighting equipment used by a music festival stage.
  • Safe System Runtime runtime of between 40 hours (full band and backline) to 100 hours (DJ booth) from full charge.
  • With additional solar charge input, the system operation runtime can be increased dramatically.